A small island in the Mediterranean Sea

This stunning archipelago located in the Mediterranean in the middle of the ocean is a A+ tourist spot any adventured or travel junky must visit at least once in their life.

However, traveling to Malta can be quite tricky: There are many things to do and see in such a short time, which is why today we bring you a little list of the top things to do while in Malta.

From places to visit, to historical locations, to incredible restaurants you need to eat at, we have put together a short but action-packed list any tourist must take into consideration before traveling to Malta, let’s begin!

#1: Visit the amazing beaches of Comino and around Malta

Comino is an island that belongs to Malta, and is actually located between Malta and and Gozo, and it is a must do for any beach lover that’s looking to take a little swim during their trip.

There are many things you can do while in Comino besides just swimming! You can try snorkel, diving and even surfing! And if you’re not into the adrenaline, you can simply relax by the cristaline water. The beaches are amazing but their are several other beaches around the Islands of Malta. You can go beach hunting and there are several beaches with blue flag status.

#2: Take a dip in the blue lagoon or other beaches

While you’re in Comino, you might as well want to stop by the iconic blue lagoon. This incredible place is a #1 Tourist spot, so make sure to be there early on to really enjoy the place as much as possible.

Now if you’re wondering whether or not you can actually swim in the lagoon, the answer is yes! You can swim around the aquamarine waters and have fun under the sun in this incredible place. You can also chose from one of the amazing beach clubs on the Island.

#3: Take a stroll down the Barrakka Gardens

Like we said before there are too many things to do in Malta and not enough time! As much as we all want to stay down the beach, you need to take a walk down the impressive Barrakka Gardens.

These gardens are located close to Valletta, and it’s open all year long. This place is great because not only you get to be surrounded by nature, but you get a great view of the harbour as well. We are sure you'll never forget this view of Malta's majestic Grand Harbour.

#4: Try the seafood at Marsaxlokk

Touring around Malta can be a little tiring, and what best way to gain back your energy than doing a quick stop at Marsaxlokk? Also known as Malta’s most famous fishing village.

Here you have to options, you can either sit down at any of the many restaurants in the zone and eat a fresh fish or buy one and take it back to where you’re staying and cook it! Either way we assure it’ll taste great.

#5: Have fun at te Popeye Village

I bet you didn’t know, but there’s a little village attraction in Malta (very close to the most popular tourist attractions) that’s actually a fun attraction where kids and adults can play around and get to know Popeye!

This is a very fun activity for people traveling with little kids, and even if you’re all grown up yourself, the village is gorgeous, and there are many fun things to do (like going down water slides, being an actor for a day and more!)

Make the most of your time in Malta and make sure to hit every spot we mentioned in the list, we promise you won’t regret it!

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